Panda SPACE: Limited Edition


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This is the Panda SPACE, a collaboration between La Plastique and @hardware.setup

A very limited number of each keycap was made. Gone == Gone!

The stem is (cherry) mx compatible.
Note: You are purchasing a single keycap. This is a handmade item, we guarantee that the final product will not deviate more than 5% from the pictured item. 

In the beginning there was the Panda OG. This Panda quickly became bored of just sitting around and eating bamboo. Every night he would fall asleep looking at a sky filled with dots and magical lights. Panda wondered what it would be like to travel between the stars. One day he decided to build a rocket and shoot of into space and he became Panda SPACE!

Panda SPACE comes in 3 limited edition colorways: Orion, Milky Way and Dark Star. Each Panda is carefully handcrafted with love, hard work and an eye for detail.

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Milky Way, Orion, Dark Star