Snow Globe v2




Closes on November 13th 2020 @ 11:59 pm PST

Note that the product in the image is a prototype! This means that it is a very good approximation of the final product but it is not the final product. There are several details I am currently working on to get just right.

General description

This is a working snow globe keycap. Just like regular snow globes it contains actual liquid which allows the flakes to flow down slowly. This year’s keycap has an improved design that allows it to be shipped very easily. (Last year’s version required pressure management for shipping.) The size has been standardized to regular 18 mm keycap size on the sides. The keycap is 19 mm tall. The stem is mx compatible. The composition features a round wooden cabin, with a rounded door and circular windows. This cute cabin is surrounded by 10 trees. Upon closer inspection you can notice that the cabin has a chimney and that there is even a miniature pathway leading up to the door!  Fun fact: the air bubble is crucial because it allows for the satisfying dispersal of the snow flakes!

The Final product

The following imperfections will be fixed:

  1. The top of base will be white on the sides to prevent the appearance of “leaking” silver snowflakes. Right now flakes get trapped between the dome and the base and I don’t like this.
  2. The imperfections on the top of the dome are due to a problem with the original molds. At the moment I have created better molds that don’t have this issue.
  3. The paint job of the house will have more details: a more weathered look to the wood and outlining of the door and window frames.
Limited run

15 customizable snow globes are for sale. 1 standard snow globe will be given away.

Standard Snow Globe

The standard snow globe will have a red base, and the paint job will be similar to that featured on the pictures: red door and a brown, wooden hut with green, snow-covered trees. The snowflakes will be silvery white.

color Customization

You will have the option to customize your snow globe. After purchase I will send you an e-mail for the customization of your snow globe. You can customize the following:

  1. Base color
  2. Paint job
  3. Snow color
Shipping date

The shipping date this year will be December 11th 2020.

Shipping & insurance

The shipping fee, in any case, includes insurance in the case that your package is lost. It also includes track & trace. At checkout the regular shipping fee is calculated. There are 2 options for shipping:

  • (standard) PostNL shipping: Due to the pandemic it is difficult to estimate how long shipping will take. Shipping times vary wildly.
  • (expedited) DHL shipping: Their website says the option “fast shipping” takes 2 days for shipping to the US for example and 3 days for Australia. This option costs more than the standard shipping, there will be an additional shipping fee.

Additional information


Standard, Customized (+€30)


Standard, Expedite (+€25)