Dark Blue Snow Globe 3/4



Dark Blue Snow Globe 3 of 4.

Limited edition keycap, designed and produced entirely by La Plastique.
This is a mostly hand-made product, so features like tree size, bubble size and the paintjob can vary slightly from the product picture.

  • Cherry MX compatible
  • You are purchasing 1 keycap, not a keyset for the entire keyboard!

Creation process
The house and trees were designed in a 3D CAD program and 3D printed using a SLA resin printer. Afterwards they are primed, painstakingly hand-painted and varnished. This process takes 4 days because each layer has to dry before applying the next layer.

The base and the glass dome are made through a traditional casting process using molds made from platinum silicon rubber. The molds are achieved using the Z-Butt system designed by ZappyCappys. Casting is done with high quality, ultra-strong curing epoxy resin, treated with an additional UV stabilizer that combats the yellowing process. This epoxy resin takes 3 days to cure fully.

Like a real snow globe, the water contains up to 5% ethylene glycol to achieve a slowing-down effect of the falling snow.
Warning: this is very poisonous to humans and animals and should not be ingested. If ingested call your local emergency number immediately.

MetalTint powder is used to create the effect of snow.

The house and trees are attached to the base using epoxy resin and cured for 3 days.

After that, the dome is attached to the base using epoxy resin, forming an ultra durable seal, and left to cure completely for at least 4 days.

Finally, the entire keycap is polished, cleaned and the “LP” signature is placed underneath the keycap.

The keycap is delivered in a gift box together with a certificate of authenticity and an LP sticker.