Cerebro round 2: colors colors and more colors

Apple green is by far my favorite.

That’s right, cerebro is back! This time in color. I’m taking these babies to the Clack in Cologne keyboard meetup tomorrow, the ones that don’t sell there will go on the webshop. I am very curious to see which colorways will turn out to be most popular. It’s always difficult to decide which colors to go for; do I make what I think looks beautiful? Or do I try to make keycaps that match existing keyset colorways? I decided to go with a bit of both.

Cerebro in the GMK Calm Depths colorway

In the beginning I tried staying away from what most artisan keycap makers are doing, which is creating their magnum opus and then reiterating endlessly in the plethora of keyset colorways. After getting my first GMK set, however, I decided to try to mimic the colors and create a cerebro keycap in the same colorway. This turned out to be a very fun and satisfying challenge and led me to wonder if I could create a more appealing colored keycap. While I see the appeal, ease and also the opportunities that colorways present, I don’t think I will make this a habit. I have many other keycap ideas in mind that I want to make a reality and only so much time to make them happen!

Classic cerebro vascular
The light blue ones remind me of Delfts Blauw pottery.


They say that time flies when you’re having fun and I’ve been having a lot of fun making keycaps! It’s unbelievable that it’s been more a year that I started making keycaps. This small hobby escalated to a point where it’s taking up a significant portion of my life and I’m so happy it does.

Over the course of more than a year I’ve made over 500 keycaps, but only a fraction of those actually went on sale. These keycaps were small steps in a long and ongoing journey and are small treasures I keep close to my heart. But now the time has come for me to part with my precious prototypes and b-stock and set them free in the world. And what better way than through a grabbag sale!

Each grabbag will contain 15 keycaps. Featuring keycaps range from the earliest flower encapsulation prototypes, to the famous insects in resin b-stock, to gross early cerebro trials, to recent color-bomb experiments. There are also some never featured before keycaps such as the ultra realistic icecube keycap. Keycaps can have defects (mostly bubble formation) but they still look great when place on a keyboard.

The sale will happen on this website and starts on 19 april 2019. There will be about 30 grabbags available. Each bag will cost €50 excl. shipping. Shipping prices vary per region and will be with track & trace. Netherlands: €8, Europe/UK: €11.95, other €16.95

Cerebro Vascular

I’m launching a new line of keycaps called Cerebro, the brain of a keycap. The first batch has miniature brains handpainted with blood vessels for a creepy realistic and gruesome feel, hence the name Vascular.  

The first batch has miniature brains handpainted with blood vessels for a creepy realistic and gruesome feel, hence the name Vascular.  

Each keycap is handmade, featuring one of three brain designs. Only 10 were made.